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We also help our clients with web hosting services provided they take up our web design services and help clients to purchase domains.


To ensure continuity, we offer website maintenance free for the first 30 days from the launch date covering:

  • Change in content two (2) times
  • Create one (1) promotional page
  • Uploading of five (5) new photos
  • Uploading of one (1) video
  • Free first month hosting charges
  • Uploading of three (3) testimonials from client

For continuity of our web services to our clients, we offer six (6) and twelve (12) months website maintenance contracts for a fee depending on your requirements and covers the following:

  • Updating new content two (2) times in a month upon request
  • Create additional pages to the website upon request
  • Maintaining booking forms, schedules and tables in your website
  • Creating one (1) promotional page a month for events
  • Uploading of photos and videos (charges based per photo and / or video)
  • Hosting charges
  • For all forms of trouble shooting on website issues and downtime
  • Maintenance and posting of testimonials


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